• CEQA Underway!
  • New On-site Airport
  • 1 Mile from I-5
    (Fink Road Exit)
  • 1.5 Miles from the City of Patterson
  • 1 Hour from the San Francisco Bay Area
  • Large Building Sites
    (>1M SF)
  • Available Local Workforce!
  • Initial Infrastructure
    (roads, water, drainage)
  • Public-Private Partnership Opportunities!


Reuse the former Crows Landing Airfield to create a vibrant, regional employment center that capitalizes on existing transportation infrastructure and provides sustainable-wage jobs.


Create strong public/private partnerships through initial public investment in environmental permitting, planning and infrastructure development.


The CLIBP is a reuse project. All vertical development will occur on the 1,528-acre former Crows Landing Air Facility property. The project would provide County residents with employment opportunities that do not require long commutes on the region’s congested roadways, leading to a reduction in vehicle miles traveled and air quality benefits.

CLIBP Brings Opportunities to Stanislaus County

Stanislaus County continues to move forward with the proposed Crows Landing Industrial Business Park (CLIBP), a 1,528-acre industrial park that will be constructed on the site of the former Crows Landing Naval Air Facility. The CLIBP provides an attractive location to the County, developers, and the business community.

The CLIBP offers the County, developers and business owners with opportunities to create mutually beneficial public-private partnerships and generate thousands of locally based jobs for the County’s available workforce.

Available Land, Regional Connections

For more than a decade, Stanislaus County has pursued the development of a regional employment center. Despite the recent economic downturn, the CLIBP project has gained momentum and is moving forward.

Development forecasts have identified a resurgence in the need for industrial sites, and especially sites that offer more than 1 million square feet of buildable area. The CLIBP offers developers opportunities for large parcel development, nearby transportation infrastructure through connections to the I-5 corridor and San Francisco Bay Area, an on-site airport, and a local workforce. The site offers unparalleled opportunities for logistics, goods movement/distribution, manufacturing/light industrial, and business park development uses.

Available Workforce

Stanislaus County has experienced one of the highest unemployment rates in California. The County’s primary goal is to create jobs where people live, and it is committed to working with the development community and private investors to secure opportunities for its available locally based workforce. Approximately 28% of Stanislaus County’s employed workforce commutes outside of the County to obtain jobs with sustainable wages, including distant work centers such as Sacramento or the Bay Area. Many residents report that they would prefer to work closer to home.

Commitment And Partnership

Stanislaus County looks forward to providing the development community with a unique opportunity for creative and profitable investment through the creation of strong public/private partnerships.

To demonstrate its commitment to site development and job creation, the County is providing initial site-related investment such as:

  • Preparation of the CLIBP Specific Plan to streamline future building applications and review processes.
  • Completion of environmental background studies and an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) to fulfill initial permitting requirements pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act.
  • Initial site planning to streamline future development applications and review processes.
  • Initial infrastructure development through the completion of site studies, design, and the development of initial on-site water supply, wastewater, stormwater, power, etc., especially during the first phase of site development (Phase 1A).